Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hebrew Class - Week One...

I made it...I survived the first four days of Hebrew. On Monday at 8:30am I did not know how to pronounce any Hebrew I can read a bunch of words, and even some verses, and with some work Psalm 23. The professor read that Psalm in class today...well first his intern read it, she did a nice job, then each student took a turn, reading a few words at a time, and then he read it with "feeling" was inspiring. To hear a psalm in its original language was...very cool...I can't wait till I can read it better than I do right now.

Right now I have memorized about 50 the end of the weekend I should be up to about 150.

I find myself careening back and forth between gladness and despondency. One moment I am glad and thankful that I am able to learn the Hebrew language so that I can read the Old Testament in its original language. But it is hard, it is very hard work (language work is very hard for me anyway, even English), and I worry that all this work will be for naught, that I won't get it, and that I won't be very good at it. I want so much to be able to read the Greek and Hebrew of the Bible competently...but it is so hard and takes time...and I am so busy and distracted...and I fear that I am not smart enough...Oh stupid fear! BE Gone!

Anyway, I'll update later next week with my progress.

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Anonymous said...

You will do fine because you have God on your team. He will use whatever knowledge you receive in whatever way he chooses. You are the vessel and a good vessel at that.