Saturday, January 12, 2008

Emma, Cleo & Dot

Emma has had fun trying on the fashionable clothes of the local Cleo & Dot designers. In the Spring she was part of a catalog shoot at Fun Spot Park. In the late Fall she was part of another shoot at the ice rink in Headwaters Park. Emma and another girl are supposed to be on the front cover - how exciting! Here's some neat pics that Tara snapped on that cold, sunny, wintry day.

Emma enjoying getting her hair all fancied up!

Ooooh...what white skates you have on! First time skater, watch out!

Emma and her new friend on the ice for the very first time ever...and they are supposed to look natural, do all sorts of interesting poses, all while not falling down or freezing to death. Modeling is hard work!

Time for a warm-up break, a couple fresh curls, and a change of outfit.

Emma picked up on skating quickly, now she's ready to go out again! Now Dad has to find his old hockey skates...

Enjoying the sunshine on a cold, windy, fun day!

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