Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Arrgh - who to vote for?

Does it really matter who is the president?

With all of the bureaucratic bulk that makes up our government, how much change can a president bring about?

I know, I know - the next president could make some key Supreme Court justice appointments. That's kind of a big deal...

I like Barak Obama. I like his story, I like his attitude, I like his character, I like his energy.

I like John McCain. I like his story, his attitude, his character, and his energy.

Since they are human beings, they have dirt in their story, specks in their eyes, and flaws in their character. Which ones are worse?

And they are both politicians, which makes me wary of both of them. By virtue of their profession, they must deal with the powerful temptation to say what needs to be said in order to increase the liklihood of being elected.

And you really have to wonder about somebody who wants to be president as much as they do. Anybody who eagerly aspires for that kind of high profile position is somebody that you have to raise an eyebrow at and dabble in a little bit of skepticism.

About Obama - I don't like his idea of universal healthcare. It takes a terrible health-care system and instead of taking strong steps to really change it and improve it, he just wants to make sure that the same terrible system is available to everyone. (Yes, that is a cynical overgeneralization.)

About McCain - I don't like his support of the war. We should have never gone to war in Iraq in the first place. But, now that we are there, I think he is more capable of helping the USA "extract" it's military from the region. I do have my doubts, though.

And then there is the issue of our common heritage as Christians - me, Barak, and John all claim to be followers of Christ. How does my faith and following of Jesus inform my decisions about who I vote for in November?

God does have an opinion on economics, on labor, on justice, on health, on education, etc. What does God want of American Christians and our political realities?

Still haven't found the answers I'm looking for.


Kratz said...

For me, it's McCain or nobody - I think both aren't good candidates. Me going to the polls simply depends on who McCain picks as VP. If he picks an idiot, I hate to see his cabinet. Or his supreme court justices (wasn't it a conservative bench that handed down that scary eminent domain case a couple of years ago?).

You're right about the health care issue. I challenge anybody to name 5 government agencies that work efficiently and effectively - think government-run health care will work well? The health care system has been mangled by malpractice lawsuits run amok, and the lawyers making the dough have too many lawyer friends in Congress.

You ask "how much change can a president bring about?". Virtually none. Look at the platforms in the last few elections compared to results. Reforming social security failed (to name one in recent memory). I asked many people - liberals and conservatives alike - whether they think that the social security system should be reformed, and not a one said "no". I can't say that the change proposed would've had me getting checks later on in life, but at least I know now that I definitely won't.

Whatever the outcome in November, you can be guaranteed that many of your tax dollars will be wasted - as they are right now.

Anonymous said...

For me it's McCain as well. I had a hard time at the beginning because of all the hype. First of all, I have yet to hear how Obama is going to finance and accomplish all the issues he plans on tackling. I personally don't think it can be done, and yet he makes it sound so easy. I like his energy as well and I love a good orator , so he has a great draw there.

I didn't like McCain, mostly due to age and his strong war tendencies, however, given the position we find ourselves in currently in Iraq, and Russia, North Korea, and Iran looming in the distance, I would much prefer a war vet in the drivers seat than a green horn. I did like McCains pick as VP, thought it was daring and that he was going after the female vote, might be, but I like her record and what she stands for. Strong Pro-life and a good head for econimics.

I do not like Biden, dpon't know if I ever have, and what he stands for, strong pro-choice and partial birth abortion. Nor do I like what Barak had to say about fairness and acceptance of abortion and same sex marriage and gay and lesbian rights. So, as a Christian, I cannot separate my views on abortion and my Christianity. They go hand in hand. I will vote for McCain based on this sticking point. It is something I will not waiver on. God created life and I believe there is not a life he does not create. I struggle with the exceptions rule such as rape, incest and life of the mother, but that is another discussion.