Friday, July 17, 2009

Ready to Relax

It's finally time for a week at the lake cottage! We're packed, just about ready to go.

I'm looking forward to a bunch of days of doing nothing except sleeping, eating, reading, playing, napping, fishing with the kids, making fires for s'mores, watching Tara scrapbook, skiing, digging big holes in the sand, getting even more tan, more sleep, maybe more reading, and even more playing. So, I doubt I'll come back from vacation full of energy, but I will be energized from spending time with the family and having lots of fun.

So now Tara is in from talking with our neighbor Heather, the kids need to be torn away from the TV and loaded in the van. Then we pack more stuff around them and off we go!

Now I just need the weather to cooperate: sunny days in the 80's, slight breeze, a few clouds, and then evenings in the cool 60's. Yep, that would be perfect!

Here we go....!

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