Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh Canada! Day One

I'm watching Eli fall asleep. He's the last one. Emma zonked out right away. Playing in the pool for two hours will do that to kids. After a long day of traveling it was a relief to splash around for a couple of hours. It was even nicer to order room service and lounge the night away. To top it off: Jerm and Maria brought us some Coffee Crisp!

We had planned for an early start this morning - 8am. Eight minutes after, and we were on our way. Once on the interstate, Tara picked up my phone to call the Lake - let them know we'd be there by 9am (on time!). Before she could dial, the phone rang - Faye had forgot something important; Alan was going to meet us at the 24/69 Marathon - could we turn around and meet him. Sure, why not? We're on vacation, we're in no hurry. While we waited, the kids watched a movie, Tara and I read and relaxed. Eventually we made it to the 120/69 Marathon, and then our caravan of Hallman's was headed north.

Except twenty-minutes later we had to make a potty break. Poor Lydia. Tecumseh is a very small town. We got to watch the tail end of a parade. Interesting Americana. Off again, we were, headed north. This time we made it about forty minutes. Poor, poor Lydia. Off again - this time we made it to Port Huron for a late lunch without stopping!

The kids were pretty impressed with the Blue Water Bridge that we crossed into Canada. Lots of oohs and ahhs. We reminded them of the Ben story: Matt would tease when we were kids traveling across the bridge - he would open the back windows of the van and tell Ben to hang on so he didn't get sucked out. This of course made Ben yell and cry. Which of course made the rest of us snicker. When I tried this little trick on Levi, it didn't work.

Once in Ontario, we were on the lookout for a Tim Horton's. At just the right time, we found one. Oh the joy of a delicious donut from Tim Horton's. We will be stopping again! From there it was a straight shot to Kitchener. The last thirty-five minutes of the drive were the worst - sleepiness was hitting... a late night of packing, an early start, and a lonng drive in the afternoon.

Tomorrow we worship in Roseville UB Church, lunch with cousins Don & Beth, and then dinner with Uncle Barry and Aunt Nancy!

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