Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Think About Failure Differently

You might fail.

Of course you might. In fact you will. Not all the time, certainly, but more than you'd like.

And when you fail, then what?

Successful people are successful for one simple reason: they think about failure differently.

Successful people learn from failure, but the lesson they learn is a different one.  They don't learn that they shouldn't have tried in the first place, and they don't learn that they are always right and the world is wrong and the don't learn that they are losers. They learn that the tactics they used didn't work or that the person they used them on didn't respond.

You become a winner because you're good at losing.

The hard part about losing is that you might permit it to give strength to the resistance, that you might believe that you don't deserve to win, that you might, in some dark corner of your soul, give up.


~ Seth Godin, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable?, pgs 114-115

What have you been failing at lately? 

What are you telling yourself about those failures? Is it hardening your heart? Is it weakening your knees? Is it sapping your strength?

Do you permit yourself to fail? Do you hold the bar of perfection above your head? Or have you too easily accepted failure, are you too comfortable with it? It's just become a way of life.

Failure is always an option, but so is success. You can choose to set yourself up for failure, or you can choose to set yourself up for success. You can fail as you figure out success, or you can fail with no real intent on success. You can get help and work towards being more successful in your relationships and tasks of life, and experience failure along the way. Or you can not reach out for help, not try to make some good changes in your life, and thus fail - just like you were afraid you would do.

Don't beat yourself up over your failures. Learn from them. And then move on, try to do something different next time. Just don't give up on those people and tasks - the ones that need you to succeed.

Think about failure differently.

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