Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Starbucks Thanksgiving

Many good things come from Starbucks.

I've made a bunch of friends there over the years. Saw Lisa at McAlisters on Sunday at lunch! Got to chat with Valerie Monday morning. Erin's got a great smile, Shelley's got that friendly wave, Stephanie's got that friendly "Hi Tim!" Rebecca's usually got a good story about her remodeling projects. And the rest of the crew puts up with my lousy jokes.

I've also got to meet people from the community there. After hanging out for so many years, seeing the same people again and again, eventually you get to chatting. It makes it fun to be there.

Yesterday Matt Kennedy and I were there to work on the Christmas sermonseries. A guy I had met a few months ago came up to me with this question: are there any families in your church who might need help with a Thanksgiving dinner?

What a great question! Where else but Starbucks do I get this kind of opportunity? I told him that I was sure there are at least three families that would need help. He seemed kind of surprise - "are you sure there aren't more that need help?" I looked at Matt - "ummm... yeah, I'm sure there are." I didn't know how many meals he was willing to buy.

He wanted to know how soon he could get the food to me. I was thinking later in the day or the week. Or even next week. He wanted to know if he could do right now. I said I'd be there working with my friend Matt until about 11am. The man said, "I'll be right back."

About a half hour later I look through the window and see him pull up to Starbucks -  he motions to me and I head out. He opens up the trunk - packed full of food! Six frozen turkeys, six big bags of potatoes, a huge box of sweet potatoes, boxes of stuffing and bags of rolls! Amazing! He helps me unload it into the back of my van. It was a really special moment. God provides in very interesting ways...

As we shook hands, he asked: "I just need the name of your church, remind me again..."
"Anchor Community Church."
"Ah yes, well be sure to let me know if you've got more families you want to help."

Good things come to those who hang out at Starbucks!

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

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