Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Oh the Joy of October...

What? October is over? It just started, how can we be done with the month already? Maybe it's because we had so much fun. Yeah, that's it, that's why the October went so fast...and here's some pics to prove it!

Emma took me along for her preschool field trip to Hilger Farms. First we did some educational stuff, then a wagon ride, some snacks and finally play time. The weather was absolutely lousy, but we had a good time together, as always!

Emma got all dressed up for her school picture, here she is posing for her Mama.

We were requesting suggestions for pumpkin face designs, and Eli suggested this one!

Emma eagerly grabbed for the goopy guts; she had no problem showing Levi how it's done.

Levi has no intention whatsoever of sticking his fingers in the slimy pulp.

Ta-Da! Isaac is all smiles when it comes to carving his pumpkin.

Once Tara gave Levi a spoon, he was fine. Silly kid...

Tara and Emma designed the face together, and then Mama did the carving.

Isaac and I paired up for this masterpiece, he insisted on the big teeth.

Emma's pumpkin came from Hilgers - all the kids were allowed to take one home with them, we looked for the biggest one we could find. Isaac is holding a pumpkin that came from Grandma Simmons garden, and Levi is holding one that Papa Ger gave to us.

What? Eli is seven months old already? Unbelievable...

Ummm Sis, what are you doing? You're squishing my face!

Emma & Salma had a sleepover, and the plan was for Annie and Tara then to stay up all night scrapbooking...not that it worked out quite like that; Annie fell asleep next to Salma in an effort to help her go to sleep. Tara tried waking her up, but to no avail. Quite awhile later Annie awoke and snuck out of the house, and Salma and Emma slept like logs.

We did our traditional pancake breakfast, and for a special treat since Salma was with us, we put a bunch of M&M's in the pancakes: Yummy!

For Halloween, Emma wore the Snow White costume that Naomi lovingly made for her birthday. Emma has been planning to be Snow White for months, she is a very happy princess tonight!

We couldn't find dwarf costumes, so we settled on penguins instead! Happy penguins they are...; and let it be said that Tara came up with these two creative costumes herself, designed them herself, crafted them herself, and I think she did a fabulous job!
Levi is the Leaning Tower of Penguin... what's the point in posing normal?
You have to guess...
Isaac is doing the dramatic, "smile into the distance" look for this pose...
They loved lighting up their pumpkins, especially when it was dark, and they'd go stand on the sidewalk to look at them.
Ah yes, the happiest penguin of them all, Eli...
Ah, memories...
Ah, more memories...
Emma, Levi and Isaac handed out candy to the trick-or-treaters, and Tara and I hovered, Tara taking pictures, me just hanging around, and Eli supervising.

Once I left to go to Anchor for our neighborhood Maze and Soup supper, Tara and the kids went to Grandma Karens for some treats. Always a good tradition!

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