Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yeah for the Boston Red Sox...I guess

Congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for winning the MLB World Series.

I really wanted the Chicago Cubs to win it, but they were pummelled by the Dbacks. So then I wanted Arizona to it the WS, but then they got shut out by the Rockies. Meanwhile, the BoSox and the Indians are duking it out all the way to Game 7; so then I'm rooting for the Indians. Tara thought it would be neat for the Sox and Indians to meet in the World Series, then my brother Jerm could say that he was in the ballpark of each team this past year; the two of us caught a Cleveland game in May, and Jerm and Maria saw Rockies game while we were traveling to CA through CO. But alas, the Indians bats went silent, and Boston prevailed. Tara and I decided to root for the Rockies, they seemed to be the underdogs. And they were. A sweep...yikes! Although I have never liked the Red Sox, having watched them in the playoffs, I was impressed. Despite my dislike, they were a fun team to watch; they could hit, they could field, they could pitch and they had som attitude. They could come back from behind, they could launch hit after hit, and they seemed to be having a lot of fun.

So, while I never rooted for the Boston Red Sox in the year, I have to admit that I enjoyed seeing them play really good baseball. After awhile, I kind of expected every hitter to get a hit everytime they were up to bat; once Drew hit his grandslam, he seemed unstoppable, and how about the outrageous ERA of Papi and Manny - especially with runners in scoring position. Jacobi and Pedroia were fun to watch, hitting doubles and homeruns when you'd least expect it - Jacobi hit two doubles in the same inning! And how about that was entertaining to watch Papelbon - so serious when he pitched and so ecstatic when he got the strike out!

Alas, MLB is over for the it's time to focus on NFL: Go Colts! They play the Patriots on my birthday weekend - how nice of them. I fear that the Pats will outgun Indy...but maybe, just maybe Bob Sanders and crew will put on a stellar performance. For my fantasy team, I replaced Indy with San Diego...not that I don't have faith, but last week the Chargers scored almost 25 points against Houston, and this week they play the Jags...I think they'll do better against them then the four dozen plus points NE seems to be accustomed to scoring.

Anyway, yeah for the BoSox; Go COLTS!

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