Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Celtic Woman & Huckleberry Pie!

Ah, what a day, what a day!

Tara and I enjoyed a beautiful concert with the Celtic Woman tonight. Gorgeous music, a thrilling fiddle, and some heart-thumping percussion! Back in September we discovered they were coming to town, and so we decided it would be a neat date for us - we only get a couple dates a year. Plus, it was a couple of days after my birthday, so it kind of extended the celebrations.

To wrap up the evening, we came home and sampled some Huckleberry pie. I planted the seeds in mid-May, transplanted them in early June, and last night Levi, Isaac and I harvested them with Papa Ger's help. Today the kids helped my Mum make the pie. Very, very tasty. I waited seven months for that first bite of the tart and creamy Huckleberry Pie. Mmmmmmm....

Also today I received my new iPod that Tara had me order for my birthday. The special edition U2 iPod that Anchor gave me a bunch of years ago finally died. It costs about the same to get it fixed as it does to buy a new one with cooler features and a boatload of more memory. I can't wait to use it - it's how I listen to my podcasts and most of my music, I've been without an iPod for about two months now. Oh, the agony.

So finally, my birthday celebration has come to an end. It began last Tuesday with a homecooked meal with my folks, continued to Thursday with Texas Roadhouse carry out with my Aunts Shirley and Faye; Friday was China Buffet with the kids, and Saturday Tara and I dined at Biaggis, and then spent about four hours relaxing in Barnes & Noble. Sunday was the celebrated Colts/Patriots game (arrgh - the Colts will Indiana find meaning in life, what is the point of our existence if we can't defeat the arrogant cheaters codenamed Patriots?); and then today...turning 33 has never been so much fun.

Thanks to my family and friends for the generous gifts and love - what would life be without you?

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