Friday, November 16, 2007

Mmmm...Huckleberry Pie!

Earlier this week I finished up the last bites of my scrumptous Huckleberry Pie. It was a sad moment, I must wait another year before I taste my pie. It was also a satisfying moment, savoring those tart berries, eight months of patience and anticipation culminated in that last bite.

Yes, I know I take my Huckleberry Pie to seriously. Why not?

Levi and Isaac helped me cut down the stalks - about a dozen or so, and they put them in a laundry basket so we could pick the berries in our warm and cozy kitchen and not the dark and chilly backyard.

Dad and Isaac were a team, Levi and I paired up to pick the priceless berries.

I think Dad loves Huckleberry Pie more than me, but he is either to shy or too mature to gush! The guys are helping him pick off the stems - making sure the berries are just right for the next phase of pie-making.

Levi and the fresh berries...he is a great helper!

Isaac and the berries...I tried to get him to eat one, but he wisely refused...they actually taste disgusting right off the stalk -unless you are Emma, who was eating them right out of the container later that night. What a crazy sister Isacc has to put up with!

Mum and the kids are getting the berries ready to boil. It's a secret formula, huckleberries require special treatment to unlock their delightful taste.

Okay, I'll let you in on one of the many secrets: you must bring the berries to a boil such that they turn green. Mmmm...making you salivate now, aren't I?

Mum is such a good mum, and she's so skilled in her secret art of baking Huckleberry Pies

Emma, Levi, and Isaac were so proud of their pie - and they liked it too! Just not too much, otherwise their won't be enough for me!

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Jamie said...

How precious! You have such a beautiful family, Tim!