Thursday, March 27, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Emma!

Eva and Alia enjoyed wearing the party hats almost as much as Emma!

Emma insisted that everyone get dressed up fancy for her Fancy Nancy Birthday party; lucky for her, the brothers thought it was a great idea to wear their ties!

Our friend Joe makes beautiful cakes, perfect for our beautiful five year old birthday girl!

Emma is reading her book to Eva and Salma - Emma is getting really good at reading...almost too good.

Birthday Buddies: Hannah and Emma join Uncle Dave in making 3.13 a very special day!

Great-Grandma Simmons and Emma sharing a big smile!

Every birthday morning, Emma gets to try on Mommy's wedding dress for a modeling session. Emma considers it a highlight of the year.

Here we are getting ready to go out on our birthday date to Bandido's and Starbucks. Emma picked, honest!

Emma finally gets to enjoy her new Fancy Nancy book: the Bonjour Butterfly!

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diannaburt said...

What a beautiful girl!! What a Blessing. And just a p.s. you can't be too good of a reader! :)