Thursday, May 08, 2008

Getting Ready to Graduate from TEDS!

This is the weekend!

We're all pretty excited around here. Five years ago, this event seemed a looooong way off. Now that it is here, my first two classes seem like a loooong time ago.

Graduation at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School is Saturday afternoon; with Baccalaureate services Friday evening. We've got lots of family going up with us to Chicago for the weekend: Tara and the kids, Dad & Mum, Shirley and Faye, Karen, Amy and the girls, Jim and Naomi, and Mike & Jana will be in town from Alaska! My brother Jerm and his family can't come, unfortunately. He was able to travel up to class with me a couple times - it was a big help and alot of fun.

It is hard to express how grateful I am to my family for the effort, energy, and prayers they put into me and my schoolwork. They had to rerarrange schedules, listen to us vent, and share their resources with us for all of this to happen.

An extraordinary and unending thank you is in order for my wife Tara. Our decision for me too begin school was difficult. Our experience of me going to school in Chicago was deeply difficult. But it was the right thing to do. I will continue to be indebted to my wife for the sacrifices she made for me. Emma was six months old when I started, and since then we had the twins Levi and Isaac, and our charming Eli. It was hard being in school and having twins. And being a pastor. And Tara working full-time part of the year. Very hard. Which is why I am eternally grateful for Tara. As St. Paul reminds me, "let no debt remain outstanding, except the continuing debt to love one another."


Ants said...

Hi Tim and Tara;
It has been a priviledge to help out when we could. We have had such fun with the are all special to us. Sometimes we make things a little hectic at times and spoil the kids too much but what fun we have...I was reading devotions the other night and came across this: Controlling someone is not love..meeting their needs we hope we are helping to meet your needs. Love Ya
The AnTs

diannaburt said...

Congratulations! To the whole family, because we know from experience that it takes everyone working together to help the one in school. I couldn't have gotten my library degree without Harry's help! Blessings to you!

D.C. Cramer said...

Congrats on graduation, Tim!

It was great meeting you at graduation yesterday. I didn't realize you're a Huntington grad pastoring in Fort Wayne. I'm a Bethel grad from Mishawaka. A shame we didn't meet sooner.

Best wishes on future ministry.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Tim! All of us are very proud of you. God has blessed all of us with your leadership.