Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Saleh Swimming Pool

Sunday for lunch we went to our cousin Nathan's house for his high school graduation party. Excellent Texas Sheetcake!

It was hot weather for the party, and we needed a place to cool down. Our home was without functioning A/C, so Amy invited us over to their home, which was nice and cool. Funny - we hardly spent anytime indoors. Jamil had bought a big swimming pool and the kids played in it for a long time. Good fun.

At one point Emma decides to have Alia baptize her. Emma crosses her arms and gets on her knees and then instructs Alia on how to dunk her down. Emma comes up squealing and smiling. Very cute. Then Emma seeks to baptize Alia - except she has zero interest in her cousin putting her face under water. So we tell Emma to baptize herself. Which she does. And then she does it again.

I tell Emma: "You sure like getting baptized, don't you?"

"Yeah," she quips, "I really love God!"

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