Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Welcome Tooth Fairy!

Here's Tara's humorous account of Emma's tooth story:
On the way home from Family Fusion tonight, Emma calmly announces, “I have exciting news – my tooth came out, but now I just have to find it!”

Since she had a red snow cone at the church, I wasn’t sure what was running down her chin. But she had indeed lost her tooth! First from her mouth, and then SOME place in the van!

She had been chewing on Isaac’s snake (don’t ask…) and she said it just “popped right out” but she didn’t know where… She was so excited though that she didn’t seem phased it couldn’t be found (Thank goodness for that!)

Upon returning home we all spent time searching for the tooth! Of course you would think it wouldn’t be too hard- but it didn’t seem to be in an obvious place (and I might mention we also had just been munching on popcorn… and amazingly popcorn kernels can look a lot like a tooth!) and so Tim and I, even after getting a flashlight, were about ready to assume it had fallen into some crack or crevice never to be found

Emma was still fine with this - we had already talked about her just writing the tooth fairy a note if she would happen to swallow it (a small fear of hers…). The boys, of course, kept yelling “Wade a minut – me think I see it! Just keeding! hee, hee, hee…”

Since the mosquitos had found the van, and we had already stripped Emma down to make sure it wasn’t “hiding” there, we headed the boys into the house… (Where Eli managed to knock open a can of pop, cause it to start spraying, and proceed to walk to the garage to show us… however having slipped in his own mess, ended up just getting really mad…)

However, before Tim and I totally admitted defeat, we went to look one more time… and while in the van we hear Isaac yell, “Wade a minut” and Emma say “Let’s ask mom if this is how a tooth feels” and sure enough they had found the tooth while in the kitchen!

When asked where Isaac found it, he laughed and said “In my shoe!”

As he retold the story at bedtime after I asked if it was in his sandal or on his foot, he said he had taken off his shoe and looked down and thought “Hmmm, what’s this? And it was Sissy’s tooth!”

It was too funny to hear him tell it! And to her credit, Emma had announced earlier in the van that whoever found the tooth could be the one to put it under her pillow and she kept to her word!

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