Wednesday, July 02, 2008

First Times and Other Fun Stuff

Emma's first graduation - from preschool at Sonrise!
Our first somemore's at the lake!
The first trip to the Allen County Public Library.
Look! Emma is reading all by herself!
Emma's first ride on a pony at the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo!
Isaac liked the docile pony named Candy - she went verrrrrrry slow.
Levi made a beeline for the biggest horse in the stall...and smiled all the way around the corral!
Eli enjoyed his first carousal ride - he smiled most of the time...

Emma, Hannah and Alia had fun trying to sit still for this Cleo and Dot shot.
Hanging out with more cousins is fun too - Katie and Megan are from North Carolina.
When it's hot its fun to have a picnic after getting wet in the pool.
And it's always fun to get together for a birthday party!
Emma's soccer games are lots of fun for the cousins - all lined up with lunches and snacks!

It's been so long since I posted family pics, I have to go all the way back to early May! For Mom's Day we had to go to Starbucks!
Emma celebrates our gift to Tara: an external harddrive to backup her thousands of digital pictures.
Also in May we went to the lake for Memorial Day weekendd. The Isaac and Levi liked wearing their goggles on sand.
Emma made sure her goggles matched her pink swimsuit!
The water was a bit cool yet in May, so Eli just walked on the water's edge. Very relaxing.
Levi and Isaac end the May-day by enjoying a lovely sunset on Lake Pleasant.
Also in May Emma continued her soccer-ventures. In this game her coached congratulated her for being the most-improved player!
Lastly in May, Eli started falling asleep at lunchtime. He plays and eats till he drops!

June was a fun month - it started off with hanging out at the zoo! The boys were actually able to get up real close to the alligators. This was real special for Levi - he has a three foot long hard/sharp plastic alligator at home he sleeps with! Nothing like the real thing (well, except that this one lives in captivity in a non-native region...but other than that...)
Good thing we had a map! Emma kept us on track and we never got lost!
It was a beautiful, sunny, soft-breeze day - such that Eli fell asleep in the shade while praying for his ice cream!
We always enjoy the Indonesian Rainforest - especially dressing up like botanists...I think that hat's a little big on you Levi!
We always try to take a nice family photo of the kids with Tara...we try...

June was also Father's Day...we got to go to Starbucks (of course) and then to hang out at the fountain!
Here we are opening my gift...looking at pictures of the kids; Tara has a scrapbook going of pictures she takes of the kids for Father's Day. This year's pics are very cute! The garb was Emma's creative vision...


Kratz said...

Is that fire circle at the lake new? Looks nice! Nothing like a fire by the lake.

Tim Hallman said...

Yeah, we put in the fire circle the year before last. Now we can have even bigger fires and be more safe! And it does look nice. It's nice to burn