Monday, July 28, 2008

One Last Class...

Just finished my first lecture for my last class at TEDS.
Sniffle, Sniffle. Not really...

It's fun to be back in class, though the homework load is pretty I'm a bit nervous.

We're doing a detailed overview of the Pentateuch and Historical Books. Really fascinating stuff. Details make a difference.

This particular professor, Dr. Lawson Younger, also happens to be my advisor. It was an interesting relationships: I was supposed to be in his small group this past five years, but I only made it to about two gatherings - my schedule just didn't allow for my participation. Neat guy, passionate lecturer, knows his stuff. I'm glad it worked out that I get at least one class with him.

It's also neat that Rick and Jamie Schwartz are letting me stay in their apartment. They move in after I move out, so it's worked out nice. Except they have no A/C, and the temp in Chicago is supposed to be mid/upper 80's with high humidity. Oh well, I'll either be working in the library or Starbucks, and by the time I get to bed at midnight, it should be cooled down...some.

Off to a late lunch and then lots of studying.



Anonymous said...

Hey Tim! So sorry that we weren't able to connect before you went up. The week flew by so fast! I hope you survive the heat... how's the apt look? Nice? Not? I'm so curious... :)

Tim Hallman said...

Hi Jamie - you're apartment is quite nice! A little on the spartan side...but then I didn't bring much with me. I think you and Rick will have fun making this little apartment a home. Lots of closet space. And the fridge sits in the living room - which I think is a perfect place for an appliance like that! :)

And even though the weather has been hot and humid during the day, the nights have been comfortable. Fortunately for you the apartment is on the north side of the building, with lots and lots of trees just north of the building - so it doesn't get direct sunlight beating down on it, and it gets a nice breeze from the shaded woods. And chirping birds. And the sound of the pond fountain. Charming!

I'd send pictures, but I'm not sure how good they'd be on my cell phone.

Talk to you later!