Saturday, October 11, 2008

Levi & Isaac: First Day of Preschool!

Note: this post is overdue by a month!

September 8 was a mighty big day for our boys! The long awaited day for preschool had arrived!

Isaac is eating his lunch using the only Today Is a Special Day plate, so Levi came up with the idea of using one of Tara's China plate from China! Clever boy! Also, Levi is showing off his Spongebob Squarepants watch that he insisted on wearing to the first day of school. Isaac is also wearing a watch - a Homer Simpson watch with sound effects "Mmmmm...burgers!"

Isaac's thinking he's ready to go...though he was a bit apprehensive.

Levi's all ready to go!

Tara snapped a photo of the boys crossing the parking lot with their bags in tow, she had a hunch that upon entering the building, the boys may not let her take a photo.

Hanging up their bags in the right spot. Step One of the afternoon.

On the first day, it's important to get some time to play - they seemed attracted to the magnets!

Painting with the opposite colors, the boys told Tara to go sit in the van in the parking lot and wait until school is over. They seemed to be adjusting well. Following a successful afternoon, Tara took them to Dairy Queen to celebrate. While there, she asked them if anybody mixed them up. They explained that if kids did it was okay because "Some kids called Miss Jill Miss Traci, and Miss Traci Miss Jill, so it's okay."

This wasn't Emma's first day of kindergarten - more like day 14. Going full-day is finally wearing her out - she hasn't even had supper yet!

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