Friday, October 03, 2008

The Apocalypse of Christ - Part Five

Laodicea is the last city in our tour of the seven churches of Revelation. It's the famous city where Jesus says he'll puke the Christians out of his mouth because they're a waste of water - neither hot or cold. (As an aside: I've always heard that what Jesus meant by the whole hot or cold thing was - he'd rather you be on fire for him or be cold and dead to him, and thus bound for hell - on fire or hellbound were better than lukewarmness.
That, my friends, is a ridiculous point.).

Anyway: lukewarm water in this context is equal to uselessness. The spewing from the mouth is the result of expecting one thing and getting unpleasantly surprised by reality. The Laodiceans were blessed beyond measure, you'd think with all that wealth and resources they'd be blessing the socks off of the poor (well, onto the poor), caring for the sick and dying, and putting the elderly in good hands. Nope, instead the Laodiceans were using their wealth to pamper themselves. What an unpleasant surprise. Kind of makes you want to puke when people with power and plenty of possessions keep piling onto themselves.

Jesus has nothing good to say about the Laodiceans -but guess what? He still considers them his beloved! He comes to them to rebuke them (meaning to call a spade a spade in such a way as they'll get what he's saying and accept it as true) and to discipline them (meaning instruct them in the new way to go in light of the Way he has laid out for us). He comes to them - distasteful as they are - because he loves them nonetheless. He call for them to repent, to hear his voice as he knocks on the door.

Here's the really beautiful piece: to all who hear his voice and open the door (even a crack) he'll enter when you're ready and dine with you - and you with him. For Jesus, the best sign that you are welcome is to feast with him. He's ready to chow down with you if you'll have him.

Anyone who hears his voice - he'll come to you.
He keeps knocking...He just keeps knocking...

Love is patient...Even for rich and poor Americans alike...

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