Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christmas Day Fun 2008

Emma and Levi lingering over their special Christmas grape juice.

Smiling, kind of still waking up, but very ready to open presents!

Emma and Tara cuddling in their matching Christmas jammies!

After finishing opening presents, Grandma Karen came over to visit for awhile and play with the kids. One of Tara's awesome Christmas ideas was to make playing cards with family pictures on them. Karen and Levi had fun playing with Emma and Tara using the new Christmas cards.

Levi got a very cool toy - I had as much fun as he did putting it together. All the kids had great fun running the marbles through the toy, sitting on the counter, and occasionally fighting over the marbles. Imagine that....

Another cool gift the boys got were some Monster Trucks! They make lots of noise, the boys run them over stuff, and they are big! What could be better? Actually, what could have been better were a few less screws used to secure the toy to the box. I probably spent twenty minutes freeing the trucks from their cage of plastic and screws.

Out of all the gifts Eli received, he chooses an empty, ripped box as his toy of choice. Silly kid.

The Mess! Definitely a fun Christmas!


~Jamie said...

Marble Works! That was by far my favorite toy growing up.

Tim Hallman said...

It is an awesome toy!