Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Matt's Day 2008

Every 12.30 we get together to visit Matt's grave, tell stories, and remember his life.  
And watch the kiddos run around being silly.  
Good times.

After spending some time in Huntington at the cemetery, we travel to the Lake for lots of fun.  First is a tasty feast, and then it's time for the Pickle Gift.  I won it last year, so this year I hid the gift and bought the prize...and Maria won for the first time!  Way to go Maria!

Another fun part of the evening is the stockings - instead of Mum giving us our stockings on Boxing Day, we wait till Matt's day.  
There's always neat stuff (and yummy stuff) in our big red socks!

We close the evening with lots of picture taking - always a good time!

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