Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What a Country.

The news is not encouraging.

California is about to go bankrupt. They have to set prisoners free early. They have to let state employees off a day extra each week. Students will get a shorter school year. And we all know what kind of precedent California sets for the country.

Is there anybody out there who believes the Stimulus package is a great idea? Other than the special interest groups who are getting chunks of dollars by the millions?

America is engaged in an ugly war with the Taliban in Afghanistan; the Soviet Union couldn't win there, and neither could the British before them.

Obama is going to cause great disillusion. He cast such a grand vision. But so far he is doing business as usual. There is nothing helpful about bipartisanship if the bill in consideration is majorly flawed. And don't talk about compromise as a virtue compared to doing nothing. That's just doubletalk for getting pork in the bill.

If only the Republicans were any better. Maybe the few smart Democrats (there's got to be some out there...) and some smart Republicans could get together and start a new group, come up with a better bill, tap into the common sense of the American people who don't want their economic freedom and political liberty compromised in the name of security and stablity.


Steve said...

Thank you. Now I feel better, as I start my day. :)

Kratz said...

You can't spell well, Tim. The "m" is near the "b" on the keyboard, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. However, shouldn't it be "billions" in your 3rd paragraph?

Tim Hallman said...

I know the total package is with a "b", but it is my understanding that particular groups are chunks of dollars with a "m", and at least one or two more zero's added for fun.

Kratz said...

There are a few pet projects with the "b" though. Ugh. Either way, "m" or "b" - the next generation will love it.