Saturday, June 20, 2009

Happy Times at Fair Oaks Farm

Jim and Naomi took our family over to Fair Oak Farms nearby Winamac Indiana. It's one of the largest dairy farms in the nation - over 30,000 cows! It's a neat place - alongside the working farm is a educational center of sorts, teaching in creative ways about how the farm works and promoting dairy products. Jim was a dairy farmer, and this means that Tara used to drink unpasturized milk, which she claims was very tasty. I don't know much about dairy farms, and neither do our kids, so we learned alot about milk.

Emma enjoyed learning where milk comes from. I'll bet this is about how happy Tara looked at six years old when she had to milk cows.

Jim teaching Isaac where vanilla milk comes from. Later on we'd look for the chocolate cows.

Emma getting ready to climb a big milk carton!

Go Emma Go!

We just got done watching a calf being born. Amazing. Kids are standing in front of a calf born in the morning.

Say Cheese!

Taking a bus tour, seeing where the cows are kept. A lot of cows. Thousands of cows!

Naomi, Emma, Tara, Eli taking a break. It was a sunny day!

By about four in the afternoon, Eli was exhausted. And so was his dad.

Boing Boing Boing!

A train ride was a highlight. This was the first of many times around the tracks.

Levi and Isaac taking their turn to climb the mammoth milk carton!

Keep climbing guys!

Isaac on a John Deere!

Say "Hey", Emma!

Here Eli, I'll hold your foot down on the accelerator while you steer like a maniac!

Keep going Levi!

Jim, Naomi and the grandkiddos!

We had fun!

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