Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why U2 is the greatest rock band in the world

Reason number one: Bono's real name is Paul, and my name is Timothy

Reason number two: Hewson and Hallman 
- last name starts with "H" and ends with "n"'s something... right?

Reason number three: my wife's name is of Irish origins (Tara means "king")

Reason number four: the four guys have been together since 1976. and they're still friends.

Reason number five: the themes they sing about are connected with the biggest themes of life - some of it playful, some of it serious, some of it probing.

Reason number six: their name, U2, is brilliant for it's simplicity and it's layers of meaning

Reason number seven: U2 is a bunch of rebels....against the typical, predictable rock-n-roll scene

Reason number eight: they have an intriguing way of infusing Christian themes into their art and life.

Reason number nine: inspiring songs like...
* Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
* 40
* Magnificent
* Beautiful Day
* Mysterious Ways
* Pride
* Where the Streets Have No Name
* Wake Up Dead Man
* All Along The Watchtower.

Reason number ten: because that's just what I think.


T. J. Knowlton said...

We are giggling over this. Nice work and very convincing. I find that number 10 is the real weight.

Tom said...

My response.

Black Dog
Immigrant Song
The Ocean
Whole Lotta Love
Dazed and Confused
Rock and Roll
Since I've Been Loving You
Communication Breakdown
Over the Hills and Far Away

And, oh yeah, Stairway to Heaven