Monday, August 31, 2009

Johnson Christmas in August!

Craig and Cheryl have been fantastic host/hostess to the Johnson family! They throw a big party, everyone brings super-delicious food, Jim brings plenty of ice cream, and we play, play, play. And of course, the kids gotta start on the jumpy thingy.

Oh - what's a summer party without a big pool with sun-warmed water! Emma wanted everyone to watch her jump into the pool.
For the fourteenth time.

Jumping off the steps got stale, so we took it to a new level - leaping off my shoulders as I pushed her high into the air. My little girl is so daring!

I'll have to admit I was pretty impressed with Levi. I wasn't sure how confident he'd be in the big pool. Apparently watching Emma jump in several dozen times was enough to inspire him.
Isaac never really got inspired...

Finally, near the end of the day, Eli insisted that I throw him up in the air and let him drop deep into the water. I was a little nervous about this idea, HIS idea... but up he'd go, and then way down he'd go, and then up he'd pop all smiles!

Cousin Jamie is a very popular person - she's the life of the party! The kids enjoyed hanging on her very much! I think she had fun too!

Jamie teaching Emma how to flip the flag around... a dangerous form of art!

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