Thursday, April 29, 2010

You Get Worn Out

Where does the energy come from when you get worn out? 

What causes you to get worn out? If you are worn out, how do you change? If you get worn out, what hope is there for getting un-worn out? 

What keeps people from resting? Why don't we stop what we are doing?  How do you take a break without feeling guilty? 

How do you help someone who is worn out? How do you infuse them with the energy to stop wearing themselves out? What do you say to the one across the table, the one who is worn out but doesn't believe they can cease from their labors? 

You get worn out. I get worn out? What is it about life that wears us out? It's okay to get worn out once in a while. It can be a good feeling, especially after a hard day of work. But when you get worn out as a way of life, well, there's got to be a better way. 

You get worn out, and then people just pass you by faster and faster. You get worn out, and then others look at you with pity as they march on towards their dreams and goals and appointments. What can you do when someone you care about gets worn out? I know people who get worn out. How could someone help you when you get worn out?

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