Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Making Levi, Isaac & Eli Pick Up Sticks

Community service is fun. Having my children join in on a service project is even more fun! On Saturday Anchor partnered with the City of Fort Wayne and the Great American Cleanup for the second year in a row. We chose to tackle the alley behind the church.

Two years ago it was littered with large tree debris from an awful ice storm. Most of the limbs and leaves were removed last year, but there was still some left - so our goal this year was to get it all out. If not for a huge growling black dog, we would have gotten that last pile of tree limbs. Stupid snarling Rottweiler.

The Anchor crew got to work sometime after 8:30am, and we were sweeping out the trucks by around 11am. There was a pretty big pile of stuff in the parking lot by the time we got done. I'm hoping the City doesn't delay in picking it up for us!

I'm thankful for the Anchorites that were willing and able to come. Serving our neighbors is important to me, it's something I enjoy, and it's good for my soul. Serving with my friends at Anchor makes the experience even more rich and fruitful!

Having my sons there with me to serve in the alley was a special experience. They jumped right in, worked hard (although we did need to take a drink break... :), and they had fun hanging out with the other Anchorites. Riding in the back of Bob's black truck and Steve's red truck were the highlights of their morning! It was a joy to get my hands dirty while serving with my boys and my friends!

Here's some of the pics that Steve Dennie took - there are a lot more on the Anchor Facebook page.

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