Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Mum!

An ode to my Mum:

I am thankful to God for my Mum,
even though she made us drink cod-flavored oily stuff for our health.
I remember with fondness the never-ending supply
of strawberries on our Shreddies. And muffins for breakfast.

I thank my God often for my Mum, 
especially since she has always believed in me,
inviting me to dream big, and introducing me to classical music.
She encouraged me to read. A lot. Narnia. Middle-earth. Scout.

I am grateful for my Mum,
making summer vacations at the lake so memorable.
And for sending me to church camp. Including Summit.
She took lots of pictures of us kids as we grew up. Lots!

The gratitude grows over the years, 
So helpful, available to listen, to love, to change diapers.
Patient, understanding, praying. Laughing at ridiculously inane jokes!
Spending so many hours playing with the grandchildren

Happy Birthday Mum! You are the gift we celebrate today.

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Anonymous said...

Great tribute,Tim. We never realize how our mothering affects our kids. Kathy Price