Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Solution of a Problem

...the solution of a problem always demands that we descend to a deeper level.

We must leave the level of conflicts and dilemmas to the level of self-examination under the searching light of God. We then can understand that a dilemma is a sign; it is a sign that there are deeper discoveries to be made, a new order to perceive which will transform the whole nature of the problem.

True meditation is this descent to the deeper level under God's direction. There it is that really new inspirations come, to set us free from our dilemmas, to transform our relationships with ourselves, with others, with God.

Under every dilemma is hidden several fears: the fear of openly resisting, the fear of giving in, the fear of fighting, and the fear of being beaten. It is love which drives back fear.

All is not thus solved. Everyday we shall find ourselves before the most perplexing questions, even if we sincerely seek for divine guidance. 
Yet these can be for us an opportunity for deeper, inner experience through which alternatives we thought to be incompatible may be resolved in new synthesis.

We used to set doubt in opposition to faith, acceptance to rebellion, self-affirmation to self-surrender, and resistance to giving in. We do so no longer.

Here it is that real life always unites into a marvelous harmony those movements of the inner person which we judged to be contradictory. They are shown to be complementary.

The real believer is not the man who hides from himself those persistent doubts deep down but irremovable. The opposite is the truth: "I believe; help my unbelief!" (Mark 9:24).

The strong man is not he who hides his own failings from himself, but he who knows them well. Surrendering our life to God is at the same time our supreme giving-in and our supreme act of self-affirmation!

~Paul Tournier, To Resist or To Surrender, pgs 60-1

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