Sunday, July 08, 2007

Home from Vacation

We pulled into our driveway at 7:46pm, home from vacation! It was an arrival of mixed feelings: we are glad to be home, but we thoroughly enjoyed our vacation to Monterey California - and all the stops along the way.

Sleeping in this morning till 9am, we woke up just in time to rush down for breakfast. Jerm and Maria left by 7am to go visit the Field of Dreams, so our caravan rolled out around 11am from Iowa City, destination Fort Wayne. It was a fairly uneventful trip through the cornfields of Iowa and Illinois. We crossed the mighty Mississippi, skirted the south end of Chicago, and stopped north of Valpo to stay goodbyes to Jerm and Maria and family.

I was eager to get home and see how my flowers were doing; it rained once in three weeks, so stuff was might dry. A few days of watering should revive most of my stuff. The kids were eager to ride their bikes again, Emma ran upstairs to get her doll Mary, and the boys just ran all over the place with more toys from S&F.

Now, after getting the kids in their own beds, getting groceries, putting some stuff away, we're ready for bed.

It's been good to be away with our Hallman clan, we'll never forget Faye's Monterey and her brilliant idea to whisk us away to the town of her childhood. Now we're back home, ready for the rest of the summer and trading thousands of pictures.

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