Friday, July 27, 2007

Tonight I Begin Reading the Deathly Hallows!

It's Friday night, Eli is in bed, the other three are at the lake, Tara is getting ready to scrapbook and I am about to begin reading the first chapter of the last book of the one and only Harry Potter series. I am smiling as I type, knowing that I am about to reenter into an imaginary world that has captured my imagination for many years.

Tonight we three went out on a date, a late dinner at Flat Top (which was yummy), and then a slow saunter over to Barnes & Noble to get our prized book. Then it was brief stop by Starbucks to get our Frappacino's; the barista said that one of the girls there bought the Potter book the night it came out and stayed up to read the whole thing! She also said that it's all over the internet, how the book ends! Yikes! It's that kind of stuff that compels me to read it now, before someone spills the beans. I never skip ahead and read the end of a book to find out how it ends, but I'm also tempted on this one...but I think I'll take the risk.

So here goes...

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