Monday, July 02, 2007

Welcome to Winnamucce

Well, here we are in the middle of Nevada, sleeping in a pleasant hotel located in a town with a funny name. I like towns with funny names.

Anyway, today was fun - we spent some time in Fairytale Town and Funderland.
Just outside of Sacramento is this beautiful park chock full of shade trees, fragrant flowers and bushes. It's also where we find the city zoo and the land of fun and fairy tales. First we hit Fairytale Land: the kids sat in King Arthur's chair, climbed up a big shoe, went up in a barn, played in Sherwood Forest
and some other fun stuff.

Then it was off to Funderland, where each kid received five tickets. Emma knew exactly what she wanted to do: the Crazy Cups that spin like...well...crazy. Eva joined her and they giggled and spun like crazy. The guys headed off for the carousel, they love those horseys - Isaac did it twice. Emma did a log ride and got her shoes all wet, Levi and Isaac flew some airplanes. All three of them did their first rollercoaster and loved it!
After the five rides we ate really tasty fried food that clogged up our arteries. Then we piled back into the van for the long ride to Winnamacce - a four hour drive east on I80 through the bleak and deserted wasteland called Nevada. There were some stunning views going over the mountains, and some of the desert hills had a kind of poetry to them.

So here we are, tucked in bed; we did drive thru KFC and feasted in the room, then went for a dip in the cool pool.
Now we're getting rested for the drive tomorrow to Salt Lake City.

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