Saturday, November 22, 2008

Eli The Pancakemaker

Eli is at that stage where whatever Emma, Levi, or Isaac are doing, he wants to do. So naturally he wanted to help stir the pancake batter (our typical Saturday morning routine). He did pretty good at it, took his time, didn't stir to quickly, kept stirring...and stirring...

Levi the veteran pancakemaker supervised Eli's initial stirring; he was proud of the little guy!

Like good boys, they refuse to look at the camera when Tara points it at them. Why try?

In the spirit of wanting to do what his brothers are doing, here Eli is trying to get in on the cuddletime. His version of cuddling is to fall on my legs and insist that I raise him up and down. It's a violent form of cuddling, but it works!

Eli became fascinated with our cupboard. He got in the habit of taking all the popcans out of the boxes and putting them neatly up on the shelf. And then he would take them off one by one and drop them back into the boxes. Not necessarily the right boxes, and not necessarily a gentle drop. The next day Tara found a puddle of pop on the floor...Eli is not a gentle child - adorable, but not gentle.

My lap's not big enough for everyone to sit on when we do family devotions, and Eli is resigned to sitting in his own seat, strapped in. And a good distance from Emma so that he won't bug her during the story. Or kick her. Or grab her hair.

And just like his sister and brother, he enjoys sitting down with a book and looking at all the pictures...all by himself.

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