Saturday, November 22, 2008

Emma's Fun School Dance Party

To help raise money for her elementary school, Emma brought the family to a dance party where plenty of pre-teen kids jumped up and down to adult rock-and-roll music. A very interesting experience. I'm old fashioned I guess - I'm not used to seeing my five year old daughter moving to the beat of Love Shack and We Will, We Will Rock You. Anyhoo - me and the boys had some fun on the floor while Emma cruised the cafeteria looking for her friends to dance.

Emma and her good neighbor friend Illyanna - they had fun dancing the night away.

Emma had no hesitancy in jumping into the conga line.

The boys took awhile to get involved in any kind of dancing - we sat on the floor with our neighbor Phil and his daughter Abbey, taking in the sights and warming up to the music.

In case you hadn't noticed, Emma had lots of fun dancing with her friends!

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