Saturday, November 22, 2008

Levi & Isaac: Preschool with Dad

In October Isaac and Levi each got to be a star-student for a whole week, and I was able to go in on a Monday for each of them to read a story and generally hang out with them. Like a dunce, I forgot the camera on Isaac's Monday (even though Tara laid the camera out on the counter right in front of me), but I didn't forget the next Monday for Levi! Here Levi is showing me what he must do at the beginning of every day: move his name from the home section to the school one.

The teachers said that normally Levi and Isaac don't play much together while at school. I guess since Dad is here, they are sticking together - at least for the camera shot! Their version of Connect4 is this: to race to see who can put the most chips in the grate the fastest, and then hit the lever and release them all.

The sand box is always popular. It seems that the more sand you get on the floor, the more fun you are having.

The craft project for the day was to make a fire truck. We used lots of glue.

One of the benefits of being the Star-Student is that you get to be the Line-Leader. Levi is not about to let anyone past him until the teacher says it is time to go to recess!

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