Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hey Emma- Get On Your Boots!

We've had a great time listening to the new U2 album!  When I drive Emma to school we listen to the catchy and inspiring song Get On Your Boots.  It's also the same phrase I repeat a dozen times to Emma in the kitchen so we're not late for school - "Hey Emma, for the third time, get on your boots!"

The boys are getting into the song too.  If I don't play it loud enough in the van, Eli yells and jerks his thumb up in the air!  Levi likes to bob his head along with the thumping bass, and Isaac grins real big when I turn it up!

The other night Emma asked me what the song was about...she wanted to know why Bono was singing about a submarine and gasoline.  I think she understood my answer.  I think...

The next song I'll get them hooked on is Magnificent.  The boys kind of like Stand Up Comedy - mostly because I have to tell them constantly to stand up and get their coats on, or stand up and put your shoes away, or stand up and quit sitting on your know, stuff like that.

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