Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Is something newsworthy because FOX or CNN or some other major network spends a lot of time talking about it?

Is the flu dangerous because one person dies from it? Should we panic? Is it necessary for the president to address the nation and remind us to wash our hands and cover our mouth when we cough. Really? Or is this just another opportunity to look important, act indispensable, spend money (or make money)?

Is it time to explore other sources of news? I believe so...if I want to get past "spin" and get closer to the truth.

Any suggestions for news sources besides major networks and major magazines?

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sdennie said...

This used to be a magazine called World Press Review, which published articles from non-US news sources. So you could see how the rest of the world viewed things. Now it's gone entirely web.

Anyway, it's a good way to get a different perspective on some of the same stories US media covers, but also to learn about stories US media ignore or just aren't aware of.