Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day

Maybe someday soon April 15th will become a national holiday - a day to protest, a day to rally against the IRS and the White House and Congress and wasteful government spending.

Not that anybody from the Treasury Department is asking, but here are some suggestions in regard to taxes:
First - eliminate annoying taxes. Like the Estate/Inheritance/Death/Birth taxes.
Second - focus more on sales taxes. This would seem more fair - you buy lots of stuff, you pay more taxes; you don't buy lots of stuff, you don't pay as many taxes. If you don't like paying taxes, don't buy stupid stuff.
Third - reduce the amount of the income tax. This is a really annoying tax.
Fourth - tell Congress to quit spending money in such a way that will cause a rise in taxes.

And I'm sure there are plenty of people who will point out how these suggestions will harm the economy. Because right now our tax system is not harming the economy...

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Kratz said...

Interesting comments. It seems insane that the government is kicking around the idea of raising taxes to cover their irresponsible spending.

The argument I hear is "just vote these people out of office". What is my choice? A Republican candidate or a Democrat candidate. Any other vote gets one branded as a right wing extremist.

We are not in a recession because the federal government has not spent enough in the past.

Per World Magazine, April 25 issue. $42,105 - the price tag for every person in the U.S. for what the federal govt and Treasury have spent, lent, or committed in new pledges just in 2009. That totals out to $12.8 trillion - coming close to the amount of the United States 2008 GDP.