Sunday, April 19, 2009

Winter Fun

Here's some pics of some winter fun: Dad becoming a US citizen, and the kids having fun in the snow.

It was a beautifu snowy Friday January 9th when Dad became a citizen of the United States of America. I thought it fitting that the Ontario-man should have a thick snowfall on his special day. Tara took some neat photo's of the American flag fluttering amongst the flakes.

There were probably about fifty people who became US citizens on that day. All the candidates had to sit in a special section. Dad had to sit with a group on the far right hand side of the courtroom, while others sat in chairs in front of the judge. The judge took time to read stuff about what makes America special, she let other people talk about stuff that makes America special, and then she had them stand and affirm sole allegiance to the USA.

The judge with a scout troop flanking her - they brought in the flag and guarded it during the duration of the ceremony. One boy had to be taken out - guess he wasn't used to standing still for so long. I think another one had to leave too... maybe he wasn't used to having over a hundred people stare at him.

Dad received some papers and a little momento for the day. Nice touch.

We took the kids with us so that they could be part of the special day. Levi and Eli did a good job of sitting on my lap. They each brought a toy with them, but Eli had a hard time playing quietly. He likes to make sound effects. Silly boy!

With all the snow we got in January, we had to get out there a few times and have some fun with the sleds and general frolicking. Good times.

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Kratz said...

How cool - the story on your dad becoming a citizen? What a neat sounding ceremony!

I saw an article last week that Canada was considering making children of Canadian citizens Canadian citizens as well. So you could have dual citizenship (unless you already do).