Saturday, November 11, 2006

Fun with Pumpkins

I finally figured out how to get Tara's digital pictures off of her computer program and into my laptop.

Now I can post some more stuff about the kids...I'd write more if I had the pictures to go along with my stories.

The pumpkin carving was fun, as you can see! Emma is not grossed out by anything. We have a neat book by Liz Curtis Higgs about pumpkin carving that illustrates the effect of salvation. It's a neat story, and we've read it many, many, many, many times. So Emma knew what to do - and she dug right in and pulled out the top, the seeds and the pulp!

The guys had a great time digging out the pulp and seeds. They would end up flipping seeds and pulp all over the table and started out accidentaly, but then they figured out what they were doing and soon we had seeds everywhere.

Tara was the chief carver - they were her Cutco knives, so I guess the one with the knife in the hand gets to decide who does the carving! Emma was the chief designer and the guys watched in fascination. For about five seconds. Then they were back to flipping pumpkin seeds.

When we weren't looking, Levi kept trying to eat the pulp and seeds. We'd obviously make him spit them out. Which he thought was funny.

Emma got the biggest pumpkin, since she's the boss. Except it barely fit on her lap. The guys didn't want to hold their pumpkins in their laps, they wanted to throw them down the stairs. We had to comprimise. Tara did a fine job carving and the kids loved lighting up the vegetable art.

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