Monday, November 13, 2006

Surprised by Tara

My wife is very thoughtful, creative, and good with keeping secrets. It's almost too easy for her to surprise me. On Sunday she surprised me - she was supposed to end my sermon with a Deanna Carter song, "Because You Loved Me"; instead she sang "All of Me", a Stryper song she sang to me on our wedding day. This memorable song was then also accompanied by a funny and meaningful slideshow of our life together. My sermon was titled: Remember What You Used to Do. The text was from Song of Songs, and it was geared for couples that have kind of gotten away from doing those things that brought them together and enjoy each other. Tara, in cahoots with the music team, did something really special. Thanks team. Thanks Tara.

She also surprised me with some creative art work designed by our children. She framed their personal interpretations of a rainbow, plus a picture of all three of them holding up a sign that says: We Love Daddy. It is a picture-perfect gift. The additional bonus gift was the series of digital pictures that Tara took in attempt to get one usable picture to frame. I've enclosed the bonus pictures for you to enjoy as well.

Emma, Levi, Isaac and Baby Hallman are gleeful reminders of what's at stake - delighting in my wife, enjoying the wife of my youth brings glory to God and joy to our home. Remember, Remember, Remember to do the little things that make life fun at home.

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