Saturday, November 11, 2006

Veterans Day & WWI

Today is Veterans Day. I learned today that it was inaugurated in remembrance of World War I.

I don't know much about WWI, not as much as WWII. Last week I was eager to watch the movie "Flyboys" as it had to do with American airpilots fighting for the French against the Germans in WWI. Since not much is made public about this Great War, as it was commonly known, I'd like to do some research on it in years to come.

Here is a link that you can copy and paste into your web browser that will take you to a site with many pictures and information about WWI.

It would be a fitting way to spend your Veterans Day Weekend. The picture above is from that site, and it is from the Battle of St. Mihiel-American Engineers returning from the front (1918).

Peace to the veterans who walked into hell and back out again. Listening to NPR the other night, a man spent six months travelling America interviewing the handful of remaining WWI veterans - all of them over the age of 104, a few were pushing 115.

Peace to all veterans who defended the fatherless and the widow, who punished the wicked and the treacherous ones.

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