Saturday, December 23, 2006

Emma can't keep "secrets"

Friday morning Emma helped me wrap the gifts I purchased for Tara. The most expensive gift was labeled from Emma and me. She admired it, asked questions about it, and was excited about wrapping it with me. I told her that she could absolutely not tell mommy about this gift. It is a surprise.

So as I sit am sitting at the bar, Emma rushes up and in her loud "Ben" voice asks ever so innocently and sweetly: "Is it okay if mommy opens up her Christmas ring thingy?" I whip my head around to catch Tara's eyes, who was in the living room. We both grinned big...I knew that something like this would happen.

She was so sweet about it: she really wanted to give it to her now...she just can't wait. Fortunately Tara doesn't know what kind of ring it's still a surprise.

P.S. A word about the use of the word "surprise". We use to use the word "secret". But the other day, at preschool, Emma declared to her teachers that she had a secret she couldn't tell anyone. So when they brought Emma out to the car where Aunt Shirley was waiting, they asked her about this secret: was there something they needed to know about? Shirley quickly replied: Emma, it's not a secret, it's a surprise - they were going to go to Dairy Queen! So now we make sure that everything is a "surprise", lest others think suspicious thoughts about us! Bravo to Emma's teachers for caring!

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