Monday, December 04, 2006

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree!

On Saturday the Hallman clan journeyed to a field of evergreens at St. Joe Tree Farm for our traditional "Hunt for the Christmas Tree". This year Levi and Isaac got to help, last year they had to ride in a wagon across the frozen tundra. Emma wanted to carry the saw...instead everyone got to hold a knee foam piece. Yipee!

It was a beautiful, freezing, sunny day. Perfect. Tara and Emma went ahead of the pack, scouting out the field for a Scotch Pine. It's what we get every year...they're the cheapest. The guys were the rearguard, slowly making our way forward, frequently dropping the foam pieces every five feet.

Emma and her mom found the perfect tree (later we found out it was a Douglas Fir - but it's still pretty), and the guys approved of the selection. Everybody got a turn at sawing down the tree, but dad got stuck carrying it by himself.

Finally, it was time for the train (actually it is a tractor) ride. We took a trip around the fields, relaxing and watching other tree hunters search in vain for the perfect tree.

Cutting down a Christmas tree is a favorite tradition for us...I have lots of fond memories with my dad getting a live tree. So far, it's been lots of fun with Emma, Levi, and Isaac - and Tara!

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Rick said...

Tim you're not serious are you, FOAM KNEE PADS!