Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Putting Up Porch Lights

Saturday evening we attempted to have the whole family help put up Christmas lights. Ha! Little did we realize how crazy this would be.

First of all, we've never put up Christmas lights outside of our house here on Whispering Woods Dr; second - we didn't know how many or what kind of lights we had that worked. And before we could figure it out, our kids were out the door and ready to start "helping".

They started helping by grabbing all the garland and dragging it down the sidewalk and driveway. Then when I got the ladder out they decided it was very important for them to climb it.

Emma found a hammer and declared that she would do all the hammering - especially if it meant she got to climb the ladder. Later we saw her hammering her brother Isaac, who was laid out on the grass...we're not sure what that was all about.

The evening created memories...but next year we'll have a gameplan ready before the kids are out the door.

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