Sunday, December 31, 2006

Last Day of the Year

It's early morning, still dark outside, and before the day gets to hasty, I wanted to reflect on yesterday and today. I always like to pause and write a bit about the prior year and think about what may be ahead. An event that always shapes that reflection is the party our family holds on December 30th. That's the day my brother Matt was killed by a drunk driver. Matt was on his way home, early in the morning, from a friends house, coming to town for church. I was already at the church making preparations when Tara came to tell me the tragic news.

So each year we get together on Matt's Deathday to remember him, celebrate him, and enjoy each other. The events include traveling to Pilgrim's Rest Cemetery in Huntington to visit Matt's gravestone - and Ben's which lays next to it. It's easier to laugh now during this ritual since the kids have come along. But I wouldn't miss this trip and celebration, mostly because I don't want to stop missing Matt. This is what gives me perspective about the year I am wrapping up and for the year waiting for me. Matt reminds me, and so does Ben, that 2007 is an Everday one after the other. If I'm going to make the most of the year, I need to make the most of Everyday. Matt and Ben remind me of what everyday is supposed to be about. Thank you God for Everyday.

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