Saturday, April 26, 2008

Emma the Soccer Girl

During practice Emma worked hard on getting a light touch on the ball, she has a tendency to boot the ball. She had fun doing the running everywhere, balls going everywhere...a good way to start her season.

The guys had to bundle up in the sunshine, the wind was strong and brisk - but they braved the weather to support their sister.

Emma loves running! She ran and ran and ran and ran...with a smile on her face almost the whole time!

We worked on her throw-ins at home, she was ready for the game and did a good job, she has a strong throw.

One of Emma's breakaways! Go Emma!!!

Emma got a break during the third quarter. After getting some water she was ready to get back in the game.

Emma is just a few yards from the goal, she's on the verge of breaking away from the pack with the ball, but one of the defender's is right on her heels.

Oh Emma! Are you okay? That big lanky defender caught your heels and knocked you down! But you're a tough little soccer girl, aren't you?

Everyone enjoys snack-time...that's why they play soccer!

Finally a chance to sit down and rest after a hard game. Good joy Emma!

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Kratz said...

She already has way more playing time than me. I'm jealous.