Monday, April 07, 2008

What to do about politics...

Condi Rice as VP? That's one of the most interesting possibilities yet to emerge amongst the Republican Party.

But...there is not much I know about her. I'm sure if she gives indications of interest, the media will help us get to know her. Sort of. Like Mike Huckabee, they'll publish some stuff, but not the kind of useful stuff that you can use to weigh meaningful decisions. I guess to get that information, one has to do your own digging. But isn't digging the job of journalists?

But if I was going to do my own digging, how much energy should I personally put into my political interests? How much does politics really matter? People who have power, influence, money, and ambition will seek high political office, so what difference does my political interest or vote really matter? Is there a better use of my time and energy?

The men and women I'd really like to serve our country are either too busy doing good work elsewhere, or they don't think they could do good work in government, or for some of them, they don't want to use their talent for such a thankless, grueling, and cheap job.

As far as I know, there are some good men and women who serve in the political arena in a local, state, and federal level. But not enough. But my voting is not really the difference maker. What makes the difference is the kind of people who choose to use their skills and enter the arena.

A new book by Shane Claiborne has some strong words for those who rely too much on politics to make the difference that Christians want to see in the world. Pick any realm that the government is involved in: the economy, health and human services, transportation, environment, etc: the chronic problem is the human element. Christians want to help humans receive a changed heart that loves one another as our Creator God loves us. Not a mushy, soft-skinned kind of love, the the one marked by strength, loyalty, integrity, generosity, sacrifice, atonement, forgiveness, patience, goodness. What will help fellow-citizens serve their country with that kind of heart? What role does the government have in helping change human hearts?

I'll likely vote for somebody...whoever is elected will be responsible for decisions with enormous implications for the next generation. No pressure...

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Kratz said...

Don't dig too much - your time is better spent doing something else.