Saturday, April 19, 2008

What About Global Warming?

Like some of you, I've heard about this thing called Global Warming.

What to think of it? According to some, it is a huge crisis; to others it is an overblown scam.

Al Gore earned a Nobel Peace Prize for promoting the dangers of GW, and for suggesting solutions.

But who are the ones providing the other side of the story?

Greg Shoup, a local weatherman, has his own blog where he entered this interesting post about GW. The conclusion? It's a SCAM!

I'm trying to stay open-minded about GW, but here is what concerns me more: pollution. Pollution is supposedly a contributor to GW, but energy conservation and reduction of our carbon footprint gets more attention. Reducing pollution of air, water, food, dirt, and animals is alot more tangible than carbon footprints. I"m all for reducing pollution, but I'm not sure how convinced I am of global warming...yet.


~Jamie said...

Try reading Michael Crichton's State of Fear. Rick talked about that book constantly as he read it (and days afterward). Crichton believes GW is a myth. I never knew that GW wasn't a proven fact until I began hearing about this book. I just assumed that GW was real... I have not read the book so I do not have an opnion, but I'm definitely curious! :)

Kratz said...

The term "global warming" is so like yesterday. It's like, now it's "climate change". Since the average global temperature in 2007 decreased nearly 1 degree Celsius, in effect erasing the increase over the past century or so, there had to be new terminology applied to the propagandist's movement of man-made global warming. But hey, I'm not a scientist, and neither is Citizen Al Gore.

Tim Hallman said...

My brother Jerm read Crichton's book, he found it fascinating and shared all kinds of stuff with me...I forgot most of the details, but not the essesnce of the book.

It's just hard to know who to believe. I suppose this is when it helps to be skeptical of anything that appears to be onesided and derides anyone who disagrees.

Kratz said...

I agree. I label anything as "propaganda" when the person shoving it down our throats refuses to publicly debate anyone (Gore). I wouldn't go as far as some people do and call it Goebbels-ish, though. Now that's extreme.