Thursday, September 21, 2006

John 1-3 and Genesis 1-3

Take a few extra minutes and re-read the first three chapters of John and Genesis. They were placed as readings in the same weak purposefully. The John 1-3 chapters have been referred to as the Genesis account of the NT. Both John and Genesis begin with the same three words "In the beginning". That is not a coincedence. John wrote the first part of chapter one to sound similar to that of Genesis 1-2. What we have in John 1 is another side to the Creation story.

Look at how John uses the following words which are famously used in Genesis: beginning, light, dark, man, world/earth, flesh. In one sense John the Baptist is contrasted against Adam. What differences do you see between Adam's actions and John the Baptist's?

I don't want to push the similarities too far, but I think it is worthwhile to read the first three chapters of John and Genesis together and ask the question, "What is John teaching me about the Creation Story, and about the Creator, and about the New Work of the Creator come to the World?"

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